Vietnamese Catholicism

Besides learning Vietnamese music, non-Vietnamese may wish to learn about the richness of Vietnamese Catholicism. The articles below were published in various American liturgy magazines in the past years and give the wider cultural background of various Vietnamese celebrations both in southeast Asia and overseas (North America and elsewhere).  Learning about Tết (Lunar New Year), the Vietnamese Martyrs, Honoring Parents, and Our Lady of La Vang will support use of the indexes in the Thánh Ca Dân Chúa Hymnal, #481, page 5.

• Asian Culture and Catholicism (PDF downloadable)

• Đọc Kinh: A Vietnamese Sonic Landscape (PDF downloadable)

• Vietnamese Lunar New Year - Ancestor Worship and Liturgical Inculturation within a Cultural Holiday (PDF downloadable)

Honoring the Ancestors of Faith: The Martyrs of Vietnam (PDF downloadable)