As the Church has changed, OCP has always sought—and will continue to seek— to grow and change with it. From our beginnings almost 100 years ago as a beacon of information for Catholics in Oregon to the publisher of the most widely distributed missal programs in the U.S., we have certainly come a long way.

OCP is a self-supporting, not-for-profit, Catholic publishing company whose mission is:
– To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all, primarily through the publication of the highest-quality worship programs, spiritually-enriching music and the diocesan newspaper for the State of Oregon

– To serve our customers with unparalleled excellence, seeking always to anticipate their needs

– To serve our composers and authors by providing the means for their works to reach the Christian community, and by providing financial support to enable their ministry

– To serve our employees by providing excellent pay, benefits and working conditions, and by creating opportunities for growth and fulfillment through empowerment and personal accountability

– To serve the Catholic Church by providing financial support, to be used for religious, educational and charitable purposes

– To conduct all of our activities in accordance with Christian ethical values, Catholic teachings and sound financial management practice

OCP administers more than 20,000 music copyrights and publishes hundreds of music collections and more than 3,000 octavos/sheet music. Two-thirds of all parishes in the U.S. subscribe to at least one of OCP’s missal programs. Beyond its publishing efforts, OCP conducts more than 500 events each year in parishes and dioceses across the country and exhibits its products and services at many national and regional conventions and conferences. OCP’s suite of online tools includes ONE LICENSE, a jointly owned company between GIA and OCP that provides non-commercial reprint permissions for more than 100,000 songs from over 340 different publishers and copyright holders.

With more than 150 employees dedicated to serving the needs of the church through publishing the finest worship materials, both digitally and in print, OCP remains as dedicated to service as it was at the beginning. First locally, then nationally, and now globally, OCP retains the passion of its founders in being a shining light of hope and truth in the world, and is determined to continue that passion long into the future.